Arianna, ancestral figure of ancient Greek mythology, is the one who, driven by strong female talent in intuition and trust in pure love, could solve the obscure darkness of the labyrinth of logic in which hided what only an exaggerated and convoluted rationalism could produce: a Minotaur.


The thread of love, and that alone, is the only thing able to solve and unravel the intricate mysteries of the human soul and his inner demons: the one and only path that is really worth learning something from. The ancients knew: that's why every ancient civilization has developed and has always lived within the laws determined by complex systems of legends and deities. The legends and metaphors are the only ones able to explain to our rational self that there is something that goes beyond logic and personal profit: the human spirit. Intuitive language is the only one capable of understanding the human mind, and love for oneself and for others is the sole purpose to be pursued in search of it. They are the one and only valid keys to open the safes of the ancestral knowledge contained within the megalithic walls of the Great Pyramid of Nuraghe and Tombs of the Giants, of Machu Picchu, the Forbidden City, Varanasi, Tehotihuacan, Angkor Wat.


Il filo d’Arianna (Ariadne’s Thread) is offered to you as ethereal wire through the cultures of ancient civilizations, the discovery of what is still, after more than a thousand years, they have to teach us about ourselves. Remember, this thread already exists, but even lying on the ground quiet, hidden among the leaves and the dust of the underworld. Look for us, and our line will be clear and bright before you, on the trail of a hidden temple in the ruins of the time ...



Natal charts
Individual sessions to learn more about yourself through the interpretation of the energy model of your birth.
Hiking tours
Conducting excursions in places of power with guided meditations.
Individual sessions in past life regression.

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