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Dolmens are ancient tombs. These dominate the Gallura wide valley that leads up to the mountains. They are surrounded by outcrops concretions of granite, heather, myrtle, and low bush, making all the complex something extremely interesting in terms of landscape and archeology.

Millenary Wild Olive Trees
These millenary wild olive trees stand at the base of a valley overlooking to the north slope the mountains, and to the south slope toward the river basin Liscia. The largest tree is formed by a huge dimension's truck: its circumference is equal to 11.80 meters. The foliage has expanded to 100 square meters or more. The trunk, according to studies, may have an age of 3500 years. The wild olive now represent the standard scenario that could have been seen some hundreds of years ago in the hilly landscape of Gallura, a landscape that was changed between 18th and the end of 19th century following the construction of the carbonari, a business that eliminated almost all the rich natural, often millenary flora.

Giant's Tomb Pascaredda
The giant's grave of Pascaredda is located in an archaeologically rich area, in the midst of a cork wood, not far from the river Riu Badu Mela. The complex retains some charm, made even more authentic by the surrounding vegetation. The stele, scalloped, is missing the top that in all probability, is scattered around the monument. The remaining part is well made, well in sight on the ground and has an aperture facing east. The burial corridor area is almost intact and is made up of rather large stones, it also presents a kind of altar in the terminal part of unknown use. The realization was probably made around the middle bronze age (XIII-XVI century BC).

Pulchiana Mount
This beautiful mountain is a huge gallurian granite monolith towering more than 600 m. Because of its shape, it is also known as the Sugar Loaf. The place has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Here you can find more than a natural formation with bizarre shapes like animals or faces like the moais of Easter Island, almost shamanic, guarding this hill as ancestral guardian spirits.

Ethnographic Museum
A real gem with five tousand pieces of Sardinian peasant culture. Here you can better understand the lifestyle as it was on this island until the end of 1800 year. One can understand the uses, morals and even the cultural traditions, as well as some "magic knowledge" and some near-religious rituals, the legacy of ancient pagan cultures that were passed down orally and that they kept alive, in some cases, up to today.

Saint Santino Woods
Its rock church, the source of spring water, rocks, caves, ancient trees ... In this fascinating ancient sacred place, the elders of the country believed there was a magical cave capable of curing diseases, and a wood ranger told us that, in an attempt to cut down the two trees placed at the entrance of this forest, all the axes got broken, as if to protect these sacred trees.

Nuraghe Majori
It is one of the best preserved of Gallura and is located in a beautiful natural setting, surrounded by a thick forest of cork, thus revealing the charm of an ancient culture. The construction of the northern dolmen is quite damaged with part of the outer wall torn down, while the southern part of the stonework is still intact in all its might.

Saint's Nicola e Trano Hermitage
In the early days of Christianity the Gallura region was reached by ascetics who found in lonely woods and ravines strewn with granite an ideal environment to their preaching. So it was for the saints Nicholas and Trano who lived at the time of Eusebius (died in 371) who preached extensively in Gallura, and here were buried. About the year 1220 some Franciscan monks in Palestine had a vision of Our Lady which told them to go to a holy place of Sardinia to erect a shrine to the two venerable ascetics.

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Sajacciu - Capanna delle guarigioni
Sajacciu - Capanna delle guarigioni
Nuraghe Ola
Nuraghe Ola
Olivastri millenari - Nonna amore 4
Olivastri millenari - Nonna amore 4
L'oracolo di Delphi
L'oracolo di Delphi
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